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Everything you need to know about our dog grooming

The Grooming Centre offers a clean, caring, stress-free environment for your dog. Regular grooming is an essential part of caring for your dog. We are able to examine your dog closely for any lumps, ticks, fleas or redness of the skin whilst grooming.


A full groom includes bathing, blow dry, clipping, scissoring, nail clipping and ear cleaning.


All dogs are groomed on a one to one basis. If your dog needs a special shampoo that is prescribed by your vet, please bring it with you or I can use the best shampoo that suits your dog's coat.

Please note:

All dogs are dried by hand using a K-9 blower/dryer blaster that has several speed settings to adjust to whatever your pet tolerates. No cage dryers are used.

• Small breeds from  £26

• Medium breeds from  £32

• Large breeds from  £38

• Hand stripping  £45

• Bath only from  £15

• Nails  £6

• Eye and ear cleaning  £5

• Face trim / tidy  £5

Price List

Extra charges will apply for the following:


- Badly matted coats (will be clipped off)

- Flea treatment (flea shampoo)

Important additional information

The price list is based on dogs visiting us on a regular basis. Any more work involved for whatever reason will be charged for as an extra cost due to the additional time it will take to groom the dog.


Please note that if you are more than 20 minutes late, the groomer will be unable to groom your dog due to keeping on time with our other daily appointments.


Please make sure your dog has been to the toilet recently before arrival to avoid any discomfort to the dog and risk of any accidents!