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We have over 15 years' experience grooming dogs and are happy to groom most breeds. We see many sizes and shapes of pooch

every day from young pups to elderly dogs. No matter how large, small, old or young your dog is, we will welcome them into our salon.


All our grooming is carried out to breed standards but we are also able to groom your dog to your own specific requirements.

If you fancy something different we can work with you to create a new look or to find a solution to a grooming issue.

Dog grooming information

We are unable to accept sedated dogs. If your dog is nervous but needs grooming, please give us a call to discuss how we can help.

We are experts in grooming otherwise difficult dogs. The relaxed atmosphere and comfortable clinic can help to calm their nerves.

Call us now to discuss your needs.

Nervous patients


Can your dog be groomed?

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