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or a good wash!

Is your dog looking their best?

We want your dog to leave our salon happy, healthy and looking fantastic.

That's why we offer a range of services from nail trimming to hand stripping. Why not book your dog a day in our salon?

We offer first class grooming to look, feel and smell amazing.

 •  Clipping and scissoring

 •  Hand stripping

 •  Bathing

 •  De-matting

Our dog grooming services:

 •  Nail clipping

 •  Anal gland expression

 •  Tick removal


We cater for most breeds and understand dogs and their personalities. Each dog is groomed individually and receives our full care and attention.

All grooming is carried out by hand with no cages or cabinet dryers used, so your dog is comfortable and safe throughout.

You can relax knowing that your special friend is in safe and caring hands. We also groom dogs with specialist requirements.

The Grooming Centre also offer a range of grooming products from:

  • Groomers shamp

  • Cologne sprays

  • Brushes and combs

  • Fleece lined waterproof dog coats

  • Doggy Hampers Made to Order

  • Much more!

dog-grooming-hero Before-being-groomed After-being-groomed